Investment/expansion opportunity

We would like to inform that there is an investment/expansion opportunity in Northern Scotland for farming of mussels with the Smart Farm system. Full planning consent for 76 SmartUnits.

Please contact us for further information at

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  1. Dear Smartfarm,

    I live in Scotland and I’m fashinated and interested in your investment opportunity. I’m from Sardinia but I’m currently live in Aberdeen after 5 years spent in Stavanger. I’d like to know more about your project of exapansion.
    Best regards, Giovanni Puddu
    +44 7825927199 (but currely out of the country)

  2. Laurentiu Avram says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’d like to introduce myself in few words.
    During last 20 years I get experience in different kind of business field from fields like production, retail and services.
    like entrprenuer I met for several times the success but also the insucces.
    Practically I am looking for a partenr with experience, know how and financial power to invest in first mussels farm from Romania Black Sea side.
    If you have an minimal interest for this subject be sure that I can offer you details about Romania echonomical environment, food market and not in the end opportunities for this specific subject.

    Best regards

    L. Avram


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