51 SmartUnits to Malaysia

In February 2013 Smart Farm delivered 51 SmartUnits at Jahor Bahru area in Malaysia for production of mussels. The SmartUnits will be situated in the sound bordering up to Singapore. This area is traditionally used for mussel farming and based on an earlier pilot project in Malaysia with SmartUnits it is now decided to enter the next phase and eastablish a commercial large scale musel farm. The company behind is very focused in the production an d the marketing of the product.

The decision is to build up the farming activities until a very large production is reached. In order to be highly efficient the company have decided to build a specialized vessel with integrated harvesting machine. This unit will have the highest capacity of all harvesting machines build so far at the SmartFarm facilities.Los Angeles

Smart Farm is very pleased with this decision to choose our technology for their Malaysian farm. We wish the company great success in the future and we are looking forward to continue the long-term good cooperation!

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