Visitors at Aquanor 2013

During the Aqua Nor exhibition 2013 in Trondheim Smart Farm AS had an overwelming amount of visitors. Apart from promotion of The SmartFarm solution many other objects were discussed. A special focus was on using mussels as a bio guard filtrating the water upstream from the fish farm in order to filtrate sea louse out of the water. Mussels have a huge potential of filtrating the water and in this process also eating the sea louse larvae. The mussels will also filtrate other particles from the water such as bacterias, algae spores etc. giving a better environment near the fishfarm. In relation to this also light and electricity was discussed as Smart Farm shared the stand with Multi Trophic Aquaculture AS. Light and electrical impulses has showed to attract sea louse and can well be combined with the SmartUnits.

We thank all visitors to our stand and we are looking forward to continue the many interesting conversations.






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