SmartFarm survive storm

Øst  muslinger 20122

During the latest storm in Northern parts of Germany and southern parts of Denmark several SmarFarms have experienced extreme forces from the environment. In Germany wind speed up to 170 km/hr. (92 kn. or 47 m/sec.), was recorded on site and the wind direction was directly into the SmartFarm. Luckily no damage caused! Under the surface the mussels keep on growing and increasing the volume before harvesting by the end of this year. In Denmark the SmartFarm is integrated into IMTA on two locations. The fish cages in relation experienced severe damages and work is carried out to restore the damages. The SmartFarm close by was exposed to the full force of the storm but again no harm was done to the Smart units in this farm. We are sorry that our clients had a loss due to the storm but at the same time we are proud and happy to see once again that our technology is reliable in the harsh conditions at sea.

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