A little bit on cost savings and economy

DCF 1.0
Smart Farm is working in a global market with high variation in sites, growth rate, species and manpower costs etc. and it is therefore difficult to generalise.
The comparisons on the following pages are based on rope-cultured mussels and includes all husbandry operations. We are aware that some producers do not include all operations, but even so the savings are substantial with the Smart Farm system.
Surprisingly we can also show great savings even when there is a “low labour cost”.
We have chosen the following traditional systems to compare with:
1. Long-lines double head rope with continuous running collectors or ladder collector. Short name: Continuous.
2. Long-lines single head-rope with droppers with  pegs.      Short name: Droppers.
Basis for the calculations:

Labour cost based on 25 € pr. hour, including all indirect cost.
Running cost for larger working-boat set to 20 € pr. hour and for small boat 11 € pr. hour, maintenance boats/equipment set to 1,5 % of investment cost.
The information is meant as an indication and we may supply more detailed information to ease your calculation of a customised comparison of potential savings with our solution.

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