First farm in Italy delivered to SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA SMARTMUSSEL SRL

The farm was installed November 2014, 3 miles from Jesolo. A smart choice, for the economy and the environment.

Watch the video from the delivery and installation made by SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA SMARTMUSSEL SRL.

YouTube Preview Image

Today the collectors has settlement of mussel seeds.

We congratulate!

Seafood Expo & Seafood Processing Global 21. – 23. April 2015

Welcome to visit us at the Seafood Prosessing Global next week in Brussel.

Seafood Expo official web site

Hope to meet you in our stand 6333 in hall number 4.

Please contact us on our mail for VIP free registation code.

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Invitation to harvesting demonstation i Germany 01.09.2014

On 1st and 2nd September 2014 Smart Farm will again take interested relations on a demonstration tour to Germany. Here the large farm of 236 SmartUnits can be seen and the harvest will be performed by skilled personnel. This farm is harvested twice a year and is performing very well.
We are looking forward to an interesting day in sunshine.

Harvesting mussels in Gernamy

Two new harvesting machines to Bulgaria

Smart Farm have now produly finished the construction of two harvesting machines in our own workshop in Stavanger, Norway. The two machines  for mussels are now sent to Bulgaria – Black sea where they are going to operate on excisting smartfarms. Both machines are upgrated with the latest developments and improvements build in. The machines are more compact and easier to operate and transport than earlier models. The construction is in alumminnium and functions are hydraulic powered. Everything is made for strong and reliable for operation in rough conditions with high efficiency.

Seafood Expo Global & Seafood Processing Global 2014

Smart Farm will attend as exhibitor at The Seafood Expo Global 2014 in Brussels on 6. – 8. may. We welcome visotors at our stand no. 4-6333. We also invite customers and business associates to register for free access to the exhibition at

Wish that as 2013 dawns, it spreads joy, merriment and good fortune. Happy new year from all of us in Smart Farm !

Nyttårskort Smart Farm AS 2013

Report: Best Practise in The Baltic Sea

Smart Farm have conducted a report for the Åland Landskabsregering. It is a substancial document that goes thru important aspects when trying to estimate the possibility of a future commercial mussel industry in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Baltic region have big challenges to protect the environment and one way could be musselfarming. A disadvantage is the loow growth due to the low salinity. So in the report we are trying to evaluate the possibilities and indentify best practice.

The report can be seen by clicking on the following link:



SmartFarm survive storm

Øst  muslinger 20122

During the latest storm in Northern parts of Germany and southern parts of Denmark several SmarFarms have experienced extreme forces from the environment. In Germany wind speed up to 170 km/hr. (92 kn. or 47 m/sec.), was recorded on site and the wind direction was directly into the SmartFarm. Luckily no damage caused! Under the surface the mussels keep on growing and increasing the volume before harvesting by the end of this year. In Denmark the SmartFarm is integrated into IMTA on two locations. The fish cages in relation experienced severe damages and work is carried out to restore the damages. The SmartFarm close by was exposed to the full force of the storm but again no harm was done to the Smart units in this farm. We are sorry that our clients had a loss due to the storm but at the same time we are proud and happy to see once again that our technology is reliable in the harsh conditions at sea.

Documentary – mussels eat sea louse!

St. Andrews Biological Station in Canada has documented that mussels eat sea louse! In this youtube video we clearly see that sea louse is being pumped straigt into the mussel and digested inside the mussel. The video has very good pictures and support the idea of using mussels as a environmentally friendly and cost efficient way of reducing sea louse.


Visitors at Aquanor 2013

During the Aqua Nor exhibition 2013 in Trondheim Smart Farm AS had an overwelming amount of visitors. Apart from promotion of The SmartFarm solution many other objects were discussed. A special focus was on using mussels as a bio guard filtrating the water upstream from the fish farm in order to filtrate sea louse out of the water. Mussels have a huge potential of filtrating the water and in this process also eating the sea louse larvae. The mussels will also filtrate other particles from the water such as bacterias, algae spores etc. giving a better environment near the fishfarm. In relation to this also light and electricity was discussed as Smart Farm shared the stand with Multi Trophic Aquaculture AS. Light and electrical impulses has showed to attract sea louse and can well be combined with the SmartUnits.

We thank all visitors to our stand and we are looking forward to continue the many interesting conversations.






Video about Smart Farm harvesting techniques

A video from the Smart Fram harvest of mussels in Åland december 2012 was published by Aquabest and can be seen on youtube. During the 9.30 minutes it is shown how the harvestig machine and equipment is prepared and how the harvesting take place. A good speak from Torbjørn Ingman explains in details and give you a good understanding. This very illustrative film can be seen on:

Hjarnø Havbrug have published new website

Hjarbø Havbrug has recently established a large mussel farm with 100 smart units in connection to their aquaculture plans. The background is their focus on research and development to achieve zero impact on the environment. In order to expose their new ideas and to show that the company cares and try to adapt new knowledge to their commercial practice a new website has been published inflatable boxing ring.

On the website there are several links and pages that explains the philosophy and their actions that has been taken to improve the business.

Please take a look at:

30 SmartUnits to Aquafood Ltd in Bulgaria


In April 2013 Smart Farm delivered 30 SmartUnits at Nesebar Port in Bulgaria for production of mussels. The SmartUnits will be situated in the Black Sea and the product is to be brought to the local market in the first phase. Mussels is a common dish in Bulgaria and throughout the Mediterranean coast Britain.

The idea is to develop the business and later aim at export from Bulgaria.

Smart Farm is very pleased with Aquafood’s decision to choose our technology for their farm. We wish them great success in the future and we are looking forward to continue the long-term good cooperation!

51 SmartUnits to Malaysia

In February 2013 Smart Farm delivered 51 SmartUnits at Jahor Bahru area in Malaysia for production of mussels. The SmartUnits will be situated in the sound bordering up to Singapore. This area is traditionally used for mussel farming and based on an earlier pilot project in Malaysia with SmartUnits it is now decided to enter the next phase and eastablish a commercial large scale musel farm. The company behind is very focused in the production an d the marketing of the product.

The decision is to build up the farming activities until a very large production is reached. In order to be highly efficient the company have decided to build a specialized vessel with integrated harvesting machine. This unit will have the highest capacity of all harvesting machines build so far at the SmartFarm facilities.Los Angeles

Smart Farm is very pleased with this decision to choose our technology for their Malaysian farm. We wish the company great success in the future and we are looking forward to continue the long-term good cooperation!

SUBMARINER releases Mussel Magazine

SUBMARINER releases Mussel Magazine,

Take a look at the article “Large-scale mussel farming: reducing cost and labour”  found in page 18 & 19 (page 10 in web version).

Download the magazine: Submariner mussel perspectives
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Investment/expansion opportunity

We would like to inform that there is an investment/expansion opportunity in Northern Scotland for farming of mussels with the Smart Farm system. Full planning consent for 76 SmartUnits.

Please contact us for further information at

40 SmartUnits to Denmark

Seafood Processing Europe 2012

Smart Farm AS will exhibit at Seafood Processing Europe 2012 in Parc des Expositions in Brussels 24. – 26. April.

You are most welcome to stop by our stand. We are located in hall 4 stand number 6315.

See you in Brussels!

Television report – David de Leeuw Muschelzucht GmbH. – Mussel roulette

100 SmartUnits to Denmark


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DanAqua 2011

Fiskaren October 2011


New distributor in Bulgaria

Smart Farm AS has signed a distributor agreement with Black Sea Farm Ltd.

We wish all interested parties in Bulgaria welcome to make contact with our new distributor.

Contact details:

Black Sea Farm Ltd.

Tel.: +359 888 807 075 / +359 888 371 720 / +359 888 351 045



We look forward to a good cooperation!

New agent in Brazil and Chile

Smart Farm AS has signed an agency agreement with PTZ Consultoria LTDA. The agreement is exclusive for Brazil and Chile.

We wish all interested parties in South America welcome to make contact with our new agent.

Contact details:

PTZ Consultoria LTDA.

Alexandre Paupitz

Tel.:+55 48 32 34 25 09

Cell: +55 48 91 43 99 96



We hope for a fruitful cooperation!

Welcome to our new web site!


Welcome to our new web site!

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