Husbandry & harvesting machines


The husbandry & harvesting machine

Machinery for efficient operations with minimum use of resources!
It’s custom-designed for Smart Farm’s unique farming system, an excellent tool for efficient operation with a minimum use of resources – replacing most of the traditional labour involved with farming.
The machine may be delivered as a pure cleaning / husbandry machine or also to harvest rope-grown species like mussels or seaweed.
In operation the machine is closed over the Unit, cleaning, husbandry or harvesting operations can then commence.


The machine’s main functions:

  1. Collector-cleaning ahead of new spat settlement
  2. Cage cleaning
  3. Oyster separation
  4. Control density of spats
  5. Harvest spat (once or several times pr. settlement)
  6. Reduce predators/fouling: Starfish, Tunicates, barnacles, annelid worm, other fauna and flora.
  7. Efficient & gentle harvesting of on-growing species

It allows gentle harvesting, as the biomass are pumped in plenty of water.


One single, fast operation with minimum labour.


If unwanted fouling is about to destroy your seed-settlement, it only takes an hour to clean 20.000 meters of collector!

Machine choice


The machines can be used with different types of boats, as well as barges. Crane, boom or a rig can be used for handling.
Your machine choice may be upgraded to a self-powered scooter-version, powered by a diesel engine with hydraulic propulsion in each hull. Hose connections for harvesting biomass directly onto a following boat or barge.
All solutions are designed considering environment, work and safety conditions as well as operational requirements.

Basic for our machines

  • High quality
  • Long life
  • Strong structure
  • Self buoyant
  • Built in aluminium & stainless steel
  • All adjustments & settings hydraulic controlled
  • Pump capacity 100-500 m3/h

Efficient husbandry work – 20 000 m collector or cleaning of 1.400 cages pr. hour.

Gentle harvest of 30 tons mussels in 1 effective work hour.

Mussels, oysters, clams & scallops, algae etc. all handled by the same basic SmartSystem.

A flexible solution for all kinds of mussels

Farming mussels has different challenges around the world and from site to site. Some places there are challenges with starfish, tunicates or other predators. Some sites the mussels develops very strong bysses and other places the mussels has a very thin shell.
We offer a flexible solution where it is all about:

  • Choosing the optimal brushtype
  • Choosing the spacing for density control
  • Adjusting the brush speed
  • Adjusting forces
  • Adjusting intervention on the mussel-cluster

No more back pains and unsatisfied employees – machine to do all husbandry and harvesting work!


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