Intro & system benefits


More mussels – Less muscles

Our system for seed and mussels has been commercial used since year 2000 in different countries with a great variation in site conditions.

The commercial variation spreads from sheltered sites, winter iced fjords, open waters with waves up to 7 meters significant to strong tidal sites with currents up to 4 knots.

Our solution includes a system for seeding or catching and on-growing, as well as machine for husbandry and harvesting.

Well suited for growing full market size mussels or purely growing seed through the nursery face.

The system is intended for areas where the seed or mussels thrive in the upper water levels.

The mussel-farm consists of several SmartUnits, which can be permanently moored in the sea.

Make a smart choice for your environmental friendly production

The Smart Farm system is well proven and a safe choice.

Why chose the SmartSolutions:

  • Better working conditions
  • Increased safety for personnel
  • Minimize use of manual labour
  • Minimal waste
  • High quality & long life
  • Complete assembled units
  • Units launched only once – No dismantling and reassembling  collectors or buoyancy
  • Easily moored
  • Permanently in water
  • Easy to move, with or without biomass
  • Husbandry and harvesting  in the water
  • Efficient cleaning of SmartCages
  • Efficiency to cope with fast marine changes
  • Well proven technology
  • Easy to reduce impact of  fouling & predators
  • Improved economy
  • The capacity and efficiency of our machines are far beyond all business scale within rope-culture in Europe
  • Maintained for profit

Only 2 shackles to connect in the mooring-system – once!

Gentle motions in waves and horizontal rope-peg prevents bivalves from sliding off!

3.000 – 8.000 meters of collector rope – in only one complete SmartUnit ready to moor!

Complete assembled SmartUnits

Our mobile production-units enable production near customers site.  Necessary assembly equipment will be transported to a suitable quay.

High quality is achieved by using modern equipment and highly qualified personnel.

The system is rigorously tested to meet our customer’s demands for quality.

Delivery of complete assembled SmartUnits launched in sea — all you need to do is tow them to your site!

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