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Smart Farm AS is a Norwegian, independent company, which pride itself on having unique patented solutions for growing, husbandry and harvesting of mussel and other bivalves or kelp / seaweed.

About Us

World leading in our field, supplying the best technological solutions for farming mussels. The technology has been installed in 14 different countries and been commercial used for more than 15 years.

We focus on solutions that ensure good growth, reduces labour costs and improves working conditions.

Our Products

SmartFarm provides solutions
to increase your result!

The basic of farming with
SmartUnits or SmartCages

The farming technology is all based on SmartUnits or SmartCage with polyethylene pipes for carrying the biomass and moorings to absorb active forces and necessary flexibility. The SmartUnit is a sustainable replacement of the traditional longlines / long lines.

The SmartUnits or SmartCages performs excellent in sea and assure gentle motions in waves.

It is an aesthetically good solution, as the pipes are less visible than when using traditional buoys.

The husbandry is done in the water without dismantling and reassembling the Unit.

Harvesting of rope-grown biomass is also done under water.

It has simple mooring and handling, it’s easy to move with or without bivalves or seaweed.