News from Us

October 18, 2019

Research on Mussels?

Yes of course! Here we meet Maren Lyngsgaard (#Orbicon) and Hans Erik Jakobsen (#AarhusUniversitet) at #Blåbiomasse. Hans Erik is measuring the water for parameters, before and after it has passed the farm. We bet the chlorophyll content is lower and clarity higher! It will be interesting to hear on more results soon!
October 18, 2019

Low production cost, high yield. What else can you ask for?

Isn’t it great when research supports what you have been saying for years? It is a happy day here at the office and we start the weekend with a smile. Low production cost, high yield. What else can you ask for? 🙂 The poster is from DTU Aqua: Daniel Taylor, Camille Saurel, Jens Kjerulf Petersen, Pernille Nielsen, Finn Bak, Niels Peter Nielsen.
October 4, 2019

A quick jump on board!

When the pump is attached, the operator climbs on board. 30 minutes to clean one SmartUnit and pump 6 tons of mussel seeds! Have a coffee as you go! Thanks Julian de Leeuw for letting us film this!
October 4, 2019

Switching SmartUnits at harvest!

Skilled operators on board of Janne switch SmartUnits during harvest. Quick and easy with Smart Farm solutions! Time is money! Thanks Julian de Leeuw for letting us film this!
October 2, 2019

Harvesting in Germany!

Look at the speed with which the harvesting machine is bringing the mussels out of the water, and how relaxed the staff is at such high production rate!Our harvesting machine can harvest up to 30 tons an hour with only 2 people working. This is what makes a difference on your bottom line! The guy in the background is actually standing on the harvesting machine. If you have ever seen traditional harvesting of mussels: this video is mind blowing! Thanks Julian de Leeuw for this insightful visit!
September 26, 2019

A Visit to Blåbiomasse!

Just when we arrive Blåbiomasse they are coming in with the harvest from our SmartUnits at sea! 1.4 tons mussels in each bag!
September 12, 2019

Smart Farm in Action! Smart Farm in action! At the end of this article (in Danish) there is a video that shows our collectors in action and the biomass on them. Hedeselskapet is expecting to harvest 6000-8000 tons per year from our systems!
September 9, 2019

Safe back Home!

Our Assembly Container is safe back home after a week’s work in the North of Norway. This container has been with us since 2001 and has travelled the world. We feel warmly for it! The container is used to assemble our collectors, at the closest land site to the mussel farm’s location. They are then towed to site and anchored there.