Have a look at the Babies!
November 13, 2019
Row for Life!
December 6, 2019
Stavanger the New Aquaculture Hub!

Yesterday we were present at the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce that hosted Meeting Point Stavanger: Industrial development underwater.


There were several interesting talks and among them was Anne Woi that let us know that Stavanger is aiming to be an Aquaculture leader with offices for the Use of Land & Sea. Leader Andreas Heskestad of the Stiim Aquaculture Cluster -where we are members- spoke about the bright future ahead of us.

A talk close to our hearts was Brian Tsuyshi Takeda from Urcinomics that spoke about how they will be profitable whilst re-establishing the lost Kelp Forests around the world through catching and farming Sea Urchins.

We are looking forward to Stavanger, our home town’s further focus and investment in the Blue Economy!